Friday, March 25, 2011

Newest art work.. afghans to go with paintings

I havent quite gotten the hang of uploading photos in the order I palnned them!! See explanation fof what this is all about at the end of this post!!! Pitcher Plants..

Matches a painting in our living room, feels Irish doesn't it?

This painting belongs to Brandon Whittaker, a value study of proteaThis painting belongs to Kristalynn Kindschuh

Passion Flower.. Purple Green and Gold.. Mardi Gras colors!

RFAMM one of my favorite paintings
Since I am not very mobile due to my walking cast, cant sit to paint..I decided it would be fun to make afghans to match paintings.. a great gift for a shut in, retirement home, Mother and Fathers Day gifts.. want one???

Monday, October 25, 2010

Acrylic paintings

The following paintings are all new 2010.. acrylic on canvas. Several are on exhibit at MARTIN GALLERY In Bocage Shopping Center, Baton Rouge, LA.. You may see my work at my Home, just call for an appointment. I do accept commissions. I paint figures, but not typical portraits.(head shots..)
I work from photographs and sketches.. you can reach me at 225 664 9810

Please email me with any questions..or


Close-up of "HeavyHead" acrylic on 30"x 30" canvasPosted by Picasa

"Native Azalea "

Close-up of "NATIVE AZALEA" 30"x30" acrylic on canvasPosted by Picasa


section detail of "PASSION FLOWER" 24"X30" acrylic on canvasPosted by Picasa